1. What sizes diamonds are traded by NGD?

NGD diamond Jewellery unit is currently dealing with diamonds ranging from sizes 0.20ct to 0.70cts and working towards bringing more variety in terms of sizes, color and cuts. NGD loose diamonds department sells loose polished diamonds from 0.01 cent to 1.00 carat.

2. Are the diamonds certified?

Yes, each and every diamond is certified by some of the world renowned laboratories thereby helping the users to make informed decisions.

3. How are Lab Grown Diamonds different from Cubic Zircons, Moissanite and other such materials?

They are not the same. Lab Grown Diamonds are nothing but diamonds created and grown in a laboratory setting under controlled environment and have same properties as that of a natural diamond, whereas Cubic Zircons, Moissanites and Crystals are not diamonds and are often referred to as “Simulants” having completely different chemical and physical properties. For a detailed understanding, please refer to our section on Knowledge Centre.